Instalaciones Eléctricas Badenes
Electricistas en Castellon con experiencia contrastada en servicio a empresas
Electricistas en Castellon profesionales y totalmente dedicados a nuestros clien
Electricistas en Castellon que ofrecemos servicios integrales para empresas en t
Electricistas en Castellon para los que lo mas importante es la satisfacción de
Electricistas en Castellon con estricta política de calidad siguiendo los estánd


Instalaciones Eléctricas Badenes S.L was founded at the beginning of the eighties. Starting with a small amount of work it has developed offering a good service, quality, seriousness as well as incorporating and training highly skilled staff. As a result of this development the company is able to carry out different activities with total guarantee.
The company has a great team of engineers in charge of supervising and processing the authentication of the installations that are done by the company apart from investigating the technological advances and new technologies on the market.
The administrative department is in charge of regulating the economic system as well as revising and keeping the security and quality rules up to date, such as the ISO9000.
24 hours service for our clients.

  • High and low voltage lines (underground and aerial installation).
  • TRANSFORMER STATIONS (assembly of transformer stations of the supply companies as well as residential.)
  • INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATIONS (Industrial electricity, lighting, automation and control of industrial systems, motor windings, maintenance)
  • HOUSING (From conventional installations to the most sophisticated domotic systems)
  • PUBLIC PREMISES (schools, sports centres, town halls, stadiums, offices, etc.)
  • SOLAR ENERGY (We carry out installations of connections of the mains and self supply)
  • PUBLIC LIGHTING (installation and maintenance of public lighting)